Railways, Heavy Engineering Industries

Railways, Heavy Engineering Industries

Avibha have a core expertise in manufacturing metal parts for heavy engineering industries, currently we are manufacturing critical components where major engineering process are involved. We are supplying Engine parts which are assembled in Diesel LOCO. They are turbo charger and exhaust related parts. Which includes combination of sheet metal, casting, forging, fabrication machining parts.

Since our existence we have association with Indian railways and supplying parts which have multi operations requirement, different engineering process involved. Which have developed skills in below engineering process

  • Laser Cutting & Plasma cutting
  • Press break & Rolling parts
  • Stainless steel Fabrication
  • Different Alloys Brazing using Silvery Alloys
  • Casting, Forging, Fabrication, Machining
  • Stress relieving, shot blasting, Paint Shop
  • Press parts operations Blanking, Punching, Draw, Trimming, tube bending

Fabricated Parts

We have a range of Fabricated parts in both the category of MIG and TIG welding namely Round Welding, Horizontal Welding, Vertical Welding parts. Tubular Frame for braking Application in stainless Steel, Reservoir for Water and Air, components from sheet metal. Also application of Laser cutting, Plasma Cutting, Rolling machining is being used in Fabricated parts


  • Air Tank – 1000 Ltr as per EN 286-3 in IS2062 E350 Grade C
  • Air Tank – 4L,5L,6L,25L,40L,70L,75L100L,125L in SS304L
  • Transformer Tank – Telesto Tank in E350C
  • Frame – BSK46 /S500MC
  • Stainless Steel Tubular Frame in SS304
  • Lubrication Tank
  • Retention Tank

Fabrication & Machining

We have range of machines where we handle parts having dimensions from 500mm in all axis to 1500mm in all axis, part -1 supplier for components like Air Duct ASM, Turbo Inlet Scroll, Cam Shaft Housing. All above components having multi operations requirement passes through various processes of Laser Cutting, Plazma Cutting, Press Break, Rolling, MIG & Tig Welding, then Machining using, HMC, VMC and 5 Axis machining centre.

Casting & Machining

We have Varieties of parts ranging from 10 KG to 4000KG casting weight of CI casting and SG iron casting. We are machining Turbo charger parts, Kit Dowelling Parts, these parts lies in GDNT tolerances of accuracy lies within 25 microns in Parallelism, Bore concentricity, Centre Distance, Flatness, Positional accuracy etc

Forging & Machining

We have Varieties of parts ranging from 500 grams to 100KG Forging Close Die & Open Die forging parts. We are machining Turbo charger parts where GDNT tolerances of accuracy lies within 25 microns in Parallelism, Bore concentricity, Centre Distance, Flatness, Positional accuracy and 30seconds in groove etc

Tubular parts, Brazing and Machining

We have experience of delivering tubular parts in Alloy steel and NON Ferrous Copper to Copper Brazing, Copper to Brass, Copper to Stainless Steel, and Stainless to Brass brazing using silver alloy, and Casting Saddle bracket to seamless Alloy steel tube  with Forging Flange using silver alloy on Induction brazing machine

Air Reservoir 0.5 ltr – 1000ltr

Air reservoirs are manufactured for various application in Mild steel and Stainless steel. Ranging from 0.5ltr – 1000ltr with Inspection Criteria as per EN286-3, IS2825:1969, ASME Section VIII, Including Radiography for LS or CS (As per Code), Visual Test (ISO 5817), Penetrant Test, Pneumatic Test as per design Pressure, HST at 1.5 times of Designed Pressure. Majorly reservoirs are being used for braking application in Locomotives, Wagon and Passenger Coaches.

Stainless Steel Water reservoir

Stainless steel water reservoir made in all design as per customer design and are being supplied by us for various applications.

Air Chillers, Water Chillers And Heat Exchangers

We are manufacturing Shell in SA516 Grade 70 for application of Chillers for HVAC Industries, For which inspection Criteria is as per ASME U Stamp