Turbo Chargers & Exhaust Assembly

Multi Operations Parts

Turbo Parts – Diesel Loco

DLW :- Indigenize of multi operations components for Indian Railways

1. Air Duct ASM 

3.Turbo Inlet Scroll

2.Cam Shaft Housing

4. Support Assembly

Air Duct ASM

   Air Duct ASM

  •  Tacking & MIG welding
  •  Stress Relieve 
  •  Shot Blasting
  •  Machining
  •  Leak Test
  •  CMM Dimensional Insp

Air Reservoirs

  • Air reservoir 0.5 Ltrs ,1 Ltr, 2 Ltr 6 Ltr, 75 Ltr, 125 Ltr– 1000 ltrs water capacity in SS 304.
  • Auto SPM for Welding 

Alstom – 1000 Liters E Loco Reservoir

We have design 1000liters capacity Air reservoir for Alstom, E Loco project as per EN286-3 code.

The tank is in IS2062 Grade E350C, duly painted, Interior Tectyl 300G Clear and Exterior in RAL 1015, Semi Gloss, 480Hours SST passed.

Bombardier – Delhi Meerut Reservoirs

Reservoirs from 4L,25L,40,70L,100L

  • Design by Avibha as per EN286-3
  • Supplying various water capacity air tanks for breaks application

Faiveley Transport :- LHB SS Set AMDBS

 SS304L Sq. Tube Frame and Reservoirs in 6ltr, 75ltr and 125ltr Water capacity, have dispatched more than 1500 sets till now, Averagely Monthly Supply of 100-120 Sets 

Progress Rail – Cam shaft Housing

  • Cam Shaft Drive Housing for Progress Rail
  •  Export to USA
  •  Thickness ranges from 4mm to 60mm
  • Machined Part on VMC
  • Part dimensions 2M*2M

Sidwal – Delhi Meerut RRTS Project HVAC

  • Painting job on Aluminium and SS fabrication of HVAC
  • 960 hours SST 
  • Part dimensions 5M*3M


  • Star Pannel building Fascade for JSL Lifestyle
  • Complete Tooling and Component draw done by us in Single operation

Escorts :- Primary & Secondary Break Beam

  • Fabrication using ISMT & C Channel
  • Thickness variation 3mm to 36mm

Carrier :- Chiller Base Air cooled

Critical Bends Long profile upto 6 metres

Chiller Base, Laser Cut, Press Break, Welding & Painting Different sizes 3M to 6M

Metso Outotec :- Lubrication Oil Tank

  • Lubrication Oil tank with 2 separate tanks, Part Weight 220 Kgs
  • Painting done using Mankiewicz Paint
  • Sheet thickness 4mm

Konsol, Frame, Beam, Base plate

  •  Couplers Parts for Wabtec Corporation
  •  Laser Cutting, Bending, Plazma, MIG & FCAW (Multilayer), Stress Relieve, Shot Blasting, Liquid Painting & Machining Application

Housing Turbo Main – Dowelling KIt

Kit Dowelling – Housing Turbo Main – 1650mm*900mm*900mm – casting weight approx 500Kgs – Long Drills 450mm deep – GDNT Tolerances achieved in 25 Microns – 100 Microns 

Scroll Compressor (Dowelling Kit)

Kit Dowelling – Scroll Compressor – 1250mm*900mm*200mm – casting weight approx 300Kgs – Long Drills 250mm deep – GDNT Tolerances achieved in 25 Microns – 100 Microns 

Idler Gear & Support Carrier Bearing

Kit Dowelling – Support Carrier Bearing, Support Idler Gear & Support Turbine Bearing – GDNT Tolerances achieved 12.5 Microns – 100 Microns – Casting weight 30 Kgs